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In the summer of 2017, my fiancé Eric and I got the wild idea to expand my product offerings greatly and open up our own New Age store! A few months later, Awakenings was open in Omaha, NE and online. Head on over to the Awakenings website to shop crystals, smudge products, divination tools, home decor, personal care, and tons of unique and inspiring spiritual items! 

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My Books

I’ve written two books so far, with many more dying to get out of my head and onto paper soon! Check them out and if you’d like to purchase, find them over at the Awakenings shop. 

Memos From Heaven

Memos From Heaven is a collection of short stories and profound experiences from Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller. In her first book, Kelli shares her favorite stories from her first five years of being a professional Psychic/Medium. >>

Ten To Zen

In Kelli Miller’s second book, she discusses the history of meditation, its benefits, poses and physical considerations, common obstacles, and a variety of methods to make meditation work for any lifestyle. The accompanying guided meditation CDs are perfect for home, work, or whenever you find ‘you’ time! >>