Runes Workshop with Special Guest Wayne Brekke | Kelli Miller

Runes Workshop with Special Guest Wayne Brekke

  • May 2, 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 3506 N. 147 St. #102, Omaha, NE 68116

Norse runes are an ancient and powerful tool for divination. Easily used by anyone, runes can
offer focus, inspiration, manifestation, and guidance in daily life.

This hour-long workshop led by Shamanic Galdor Wayne Brekke provides attendees with an
introduction into the Elder Futhark and offers basic instruction on how to use runes in
divination and spell-work.

Topics include:

– An explanation and origin of Norse runes

– What runes can offer you

– Making or purchasing runes

– Attuning to your runes

– Learning the meanings of runes in the Elder Futhark

– How to use runes for divination

– Creating bind runes, rune staves, and sigils

– Rune rituals

– Runic resources

– Rune reading

– Q&A

Each attendee receives a handout that details the topics discussed in the workshop along
with images, examples, and quick reference charts.

This workshop also features a demo table with several sample runes, along with the tools and
items needed for rune readings.

Near the end of the workshop, one attendee will be given a rune reading by Wayne as an
example of one way to perform a reading for yourself and others.

If you have runes, bring them! Also bring any stories or experiences you have had with runes
or rune magic.

Any questions abou the class fee free to call the office at 402-289-9999. Tickets are $25 and are non refunable upon purchase. This will be held upstairs inside the Awakenings Classroom.

About Wayne:
Wayne Brekke is an Omaha-based artist, musician, and entrepreneur. He is currently studying
as a Shamanic Galdor, with a focus on spirit science and light magic of the Four Directions.

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