About | Kelli Miller
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About Me

I’m Kelli Miller! I’m the proud mom of two absolutely amazing kids. Together the kiddos, my handsome fiancé, and I have so much fun! They truly bring more joy into my life than I could ever imagine. We currently live in Omaha, NE and we love it.

My journey began when I was about 5 years old. My family moved to Schuyler, NE along with my Uncle Jim’s family (my dad’s brother) in order to begin a construction business together. They were planning on beginning this new business when tragedy struck my family. My Uncle Jim was killed in a single-car accident on Christmas Eve. My dad’s dreams got put on hold but eventually, my family overcame the grief, and life went back to normal.

A few years went by, Dad and I were sitting on the couch and he had mentioned to me about Uncle Jim and what he’d thought the cause of the accident was. Quickly, I interrupted and told dad that his thoughts were wrong. I could see the confusion in my father’s eyes. I proceeded to tell him in great detail what exactly happened the night of his death. Shocked, he questioned me as to how I knew such details of my uncle’s accident. I told him very plainly, because that’s what Uncle Jim told me. After the initial shock wore off, he told me from there on out not to tell anyone about what I had experienced. I remember him saying don’t tell your mom, brother, grandparents, and especially my friends. They wouldn’t understand what I was talking about. He also said from here on out just come talk to him if I get any more messages, or if anything else ‘different’ happens. 

Throughout my youth, I always knew I was a little different from all the other kids, I just didn’t understand how. Entering into school, I realized I wasn’t like most other girls. I didn’t like dresses, I loved playing in the dirt and climbing trees. I was a tomboy, to say the least. So naturally, I became a horticulturist! I had many intuitive experiences in my childhood, and I just always told my dad. Looking back now, I realize my dad was tone deaf. He wore hearing aids. I sometimes wonder if he even heard half of the things I told him. I had no idea and couldn’t even begin to understand what I was experiencing, and what was happening to me, but it felt right. I was one of those kids that always managed to go with the flow. It wasn’t until the last few years that I finally realized not everyone hears, sees, feels, and knows the things that I do. 

In college, I had more psychic and mediumship experiences. I knew by listening to the messages I was receiving and my intuition that I could keep myself, and other people, out of trouble. Unfortunately, tragedy was about to come back into my life. My freshman year in college, my dad was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. After a fierce battle over a year and a half, my dad succumbed to the illness and died peacefully at home with family gathered near. I remember having vivid dreams about him telling me he’s doing great and not to worry. It took the wind out of my sails, but after a year of grief, I got back on the horse and eventually finished college with my degree in hand. After my dad’s passing, I no longer spoke to anyone about the spiritual experiences that happened to me. I assumed it was something like religion and politics; you simply don’t talk about those things to people.

After graduation I was lying in bed one night, I had a premonition something was going to happen. A few minutes later, I heard my name being called out – loud and clear. At first, I was confused, so I asked whoever was talking to me to say it again. They did…and it absolutely scared the hell out of me! Shaken, I asked God to turn off all of my abilities immediately. Now I know the ‘they’ my spirit guides letting me know we were connected. 

Several years passed by and life happened. About 9 years ago, I found myself lying awake in bed around 3 am. I remembered all the abilities that I’d had. I let God know that I was now an adult and ready to accept these abilities. The lights and TV flickered on and off and electronics turning on when not plugged in. Strange lights in the middle of the night suddenly lit up my room. I knew that I again was blessed to have these gifts. I was officially spiritually awoken once again. 

My psychic and mediumship abilities had come back. I started reading anything and everything paranormal or metaphysical, trying to learn more about it. I started meeting with like-minded people, so I could ask as many questions as I could. I educated myself on the reason God gave me these abilities, and what I am to do with them. I found most of my answers while meditating and praying.

I met some really cool people that worked with me and my abilities. They taught me how to accept my abilities, and also who I am. My mentor, Miss Patty, still to this day helps me when even I need a bit of encouragement. Along with being a psychic and medium, I then became a Reverend, a Usui Reiki Master, and a paranormal researcher.

The door was about to be swung wide open again. One evening, I was with a bunch of friends chilling out and having some drinks. There was a guy at the party that was upset due to the fact his dad had died. Since I’d had a few drinks, the inhibition was gone. I opened up my big mouth. I said ‘I don’t know why you’re so upset, your dad is right behind you…suspenders, drinking a black and white label beer and smoking a cigarette. He was the life of the party then, he’s still the life of the party now.’ Now, you know when someone says something, the music stops, and all eyes are on you…yeah…that was me. He was in total shock and going with the flow of things, I relayed the messages his father wanted me to say. After the biggest hug ever and tears all around, I knew something was about to change (I won’t drink and do readings ever again. There’s no filter there…lesson learned!)

Over five years later, I’m now a full-time psychic and medium here in Omaha. I do live audience readings, individual readings, workshops, expos, and events all over the country. I’m truly blessed to have the family and friends who are completely supportive of my abilities and who I am. This is just the beginning!