Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller -

Private, Individual Readings
(Can be done In Person, over the Phone or via Skype)
These private readings can be done in person at my office, over the phone, or via Skype/Facetime. How you choose to have the reading makes no difference to me and my connection to spirit. I'll explain everything on what to expect and how it's going to go, so you will feel comfortable with the reading.

If you choose to do an in person reading, you are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member with you. Please limit it to no more than 2 people in a room for individual readings. Cost for a private, individual reading is $200/half hour. Payment must be made before your reading begins (we can do credit/debit card, check or cash). Please come prepared (read my blog on how to prepare for a reading) so we can cover many subjects, quickly and easily.

In person readings will be done at my office, located at 3506 N. 147th St. #102, Omaha, NE 68116. 

To book an appointment, scroll down, click on which reading you'd like, then you can view my schedule and make an appointment, it's that simple! You will get an email confirmation and a phone call from my office a few days before the appointment to remind you.

***IF YOU ARE USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE: You may not be able to make an appointment due to this format. Your best bet is calling my office at 402/289-9999.***

Please note: I do many audience readings from 50-5000 people and have done numerous radio guest appearances and motivational/transformational speaking. If you'd like me for your special event and would like to set up one unforgettable evening, simply contact me at the office at 402 289-9999. 

Emergency Readings
Don't want to wait for a reading or really need one quick? Then your best bet is getting an emergency reading. Upon payment, readings will be done within 24 hours, depending on our schedules. 

YOU MUST call the office to book an emergency reading. You'll have to pay before the reading begins, so be sure you call the office at 402/289-9999 before making a non-refundable payment. Emergency readings are $400/30 minutes or $250/15 minutes.

Workshops and Classes
I also teach various classes from crystals and stones to spiritual development. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter, to keep on top on all the fun workshops I have to offer. I offer workshops and classes both in person (in my office), via live webinar and pre-recorded classes too. Feel free to snoop around on the events tab for some up coming classes!

We can now record the sessions when in done in person. You will get a CD with the reading on it or we can email it to you. Cost is only $15, just let us know before the session and we can record it for you. 

**Be sure to read my blog on how to prepare for a reading!**

Please know that upon payment and/or booking for a reading you agree that the messages you receive are not to be substituted for any advice, treatment or programs from a licensed medical, legal, financial or psychological professional. I provide no guarantee or implied warranty and will not responsible for any interpretations or decisions made or actions taken by my clients.