Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller -

Ethics Statement

After meeting so many different people, some wonderful and some not so truthful, I'd like you to know the difference between an ethical and non-ethical psychic.

An ethical psychic will:
~Confidentially discuss past, present and future opportunities in your life.
~Share insights into your strengths and talents.
~Make accurate predictions about your past and future path.
~Provide you with an optimistic, positive, compassionate caring link to the spirit world or with loved ones who are still around you.
~Help you to embrace your life lessons, find resolution to past issues and give clear perspective on where you are going.
~Not put fear and negativity into a reading

What an ethical psychic will NOT do:
~Will not tell you you are 'cursed' (there is no such thing).
~Will not charge you to light candles, pray, put a spell on someone, or return a loved one to you.
~Will not ask you to turn over your jewelry or other valuables to him/her or make credit card payments on their behalf.
~Will never state they are 100% accurate.
~Will never discuss your reading or circumstances with anyone but you.
~Will not tell you that there are people or spirits around you who want to do harm to you and only they can protect you.